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Patient Participation Group

Interested in having a say in the way your local health services are delivered?



Get involved with your practice’s PPG (Patient Participation Group)


No training is required to be a member of a PPG – the most important thing is that you are keen and focused on taking positive action to help the practice and the local patient population.


Generally involvement tends to include attendance at, bimonthly or quarterly meetings. Some PPG members will choose to take on additional roles that are more time consuming, such as editing/contributing to the PPG newsletter or setting up and running health education or fundraising events, but if you have less time available, this isn’t a requirement.


Joining can help to shape the delivery of services, many members also find that volunteering is a great way to meet new people and develop your own skills, such as negotiation, dealing with people or even speaking in public.



Give your details in at reception and we will pass them onto the Chair of the PPG who will contact you directly………


Please see attached document for results from survey conducted by  the PPG (Patient Participation Group) and compiled by The Chair of the group, Margaret Ruane.  If you have any questions regarding this survey please contact the practice where will be happy to pass your comments/questions to the group.

PPG Survey

Your PPG Patients Voice, encourages you to read and respond to this. It may impact on your healthcare access.