Patient Group

Did you know that we have an active Patient Participation Group at the practice? The Patient Participation Group or PPG is the patient’s voice within the practice, and anyone is welcome to join us at a meeting or ask for a particular subject or topic to be discussed.  All meetings are attended by a doctor and practice staff member for the practice and also the patients.   They meet every two or three months and discuss issues that arise regarding the practice, including improvements that can be made or acting on criticism, in order to enhance the services we provide.  There is a dedicated notice board in the lobby area of the surgery and we are hoping to start running some small initiatives involving different groups of patients in the near future, the first of these being on Dementia and we welcome both patients and carers so please have a look at the notice board on your way out as there may be something of interest to you.

If you would like to know more or have something to contribute, please speak to one of the Receptionists, email the practice or press the ‘feedback’ button on the homescreen on the website.

A message from the Chairman of the PPG

“Most medical practices in the UK have a Patient Participation Group – they vary from 6 to around 20 patients.  The Group’s role is to represent ALL patients and aims are to work with Doctors and other practice staff to address areas of the practice which concern patients and to out forward ideas for developing services and facilities.  The idea is to promote collaborative ownership of the practice between Doctors and patients – working together to achieve a positive input by both parties.  We meet every two months and our discussions are open and honest and to date we have managed to succeed in making some positive changes.  We are always looking for new members and if you are interested or if you just have some ideas that you would like us to discuss – contact either myself or Donna McGowan at the surgery.”

Mike Stewart-Lawrence


PPG Group Report 2013/2014

Please see the attached report which gives up to date details about the activity of our PPG.


PPG Minutes of meetings 2014

PPG minutes 12.02.2014

Meeting minutes for 2012 and 2013 can be found in the library section of the website