Addiction services

Solihull Intergrated Addiction service – SIAS

This new service is available to support and treat patients whose drug or alcohol use has become problemaitc or worrying.  Patients can self refer or be refered by their GP.

Drug Services contact: 0121 678 4760

For Alcohol services contact: 0121 711 37323

For young people under 18, please contact: 0121 778 5390

There is also a support service for family and friends: 0121 678 4730 and ask for a family and friends support worker, or Email


Aquarius Addiction Services

Overcoming the harms caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling.  If you need any support please contact them direct.

Contact:  Corner Oak 1 Homer Road, Solihull, Tel: 121 711 3732 or website: