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Ante-natal clinic

We provide shared maternity care in conjunction with our district midwives and Solihull and Heartlands Obstetric departments.  You will beed to see your GP to have your pregnancy confirmed.  You will then be contacted by the midwife who will arrange your booking appointment and any necessary investigations and tests.  Midwife clinics are usually Thursday afternoon and the midwife is Sharon Ardron.

Time: Tuesday 12.45pm -3.30pm

Diabetic clinic

All patients with a diagnosis of diabetes should be seen once a year at this clinic.  Clinic is held by Dr Anne Love and one of our practice nurses. You will be sent blood test forms prior to your appointment and will need to have these done so that results are available at your appointment.

Time: Mondays 3.30pm -5.00pm

Minor surgery

All Doctors in the practice carry out minor surgery procedures. If you are identified as needing a procedure, you will be added to our waiting list and called in for an appointment.

Time: Monday 3.30pm to 5.00pm

CVD risk assessment Clinic

You will be invited in for an initial assessment by our CVD Co-ordinator (Sharron Hewitt).  It is a comprehensive check and you will be required to have a non fasting blood test prior to your clinic appointment.

Time: Ask when booking

Anticoagulation Clinic (Warfarin)

For patients who require anticoagulation therapy you will be seen at our extended hours hub – Richmond Road Medical Practice.  Booked via our reception team initially.

Time: Ask when booking

Other Nurse and HCA clinics

  • Cervical smears,
  • Childhood and adult vaccinations,
  • Blood pressure checking,
  • ECG,
  • Smoking cessation advice,
  • Travel advice and immunizations,
  • Lifestyle advice including Alcohol, exercise and dietary advice,
  • Asthma,
  • Family planning and Morning after contraception,
  • Ear Syringing,
  • Dressing and stitch removal,
  • Eight week checks for Mother and Baby,

Time: Ask when booking

Chiropody and physiotherapy

Please ask your GP to refer you, these services are provided and offered at designated sites on behalf of Solihull CCG, You can self refer to physiotherapy, ask at reception for a referral form.


Solihull Healthy Minds provides counseling services, please see your GP who will refer you if they feel that you would benefit from this service.  Appointments are offered at the surgery.